When Nadine Nelen turned 40, she finally followed her dreams and packed her suitcase to travel to Australia and start her life all over again. At least that is what she thought she was doing…

She learned how to say yes to the challenges in life and traveled several continents to say "I DO".

YES, I DO & I did it reveals mankind’s inner sanctuary to overcome the obstacles of limiting beliefs. Before you move to other side of the world to feel better read this book, you might find some great tips in how to be happy right here and now without having to change where you are living. If you really want some good tips on how to change your life for the better this is a must read. Yes, you can do it too!

The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives. 
There’s no escaping it. We HAVE to live by them. 
This book will teach you how to make your story one that leads to:

*More personal freedom, 
success & happiness
*More fulfillment in romantic relationships
*More physical, financial & emotional well-being

It's time to change the story of your life. 
Our perception of events and our lives is simply that!

Each of us sees every situation entirely differently. 
In other words, we create our own reality.

So why not start now to create the reality in which
you really want to live and thrive?


What’s your story? Is it helping you – or holding you back? 
How does it determine what happens in your life? 
Do you have control over what you believe? 

There are always at least two sides to every story. 
So if your current story doesn’t serve you, you can be sure that there is another,
 equal or opposite story that will. 
In this book, Nadine addresses such important life questions as:

What’s your story?
How does it determine your place in life?
Do you have control over what you believe?
Can you make your story the story you desire?

Nadine helps readers tweak their fodder to “rewrite” or “reframe” their story 
and create their destiny with intent. She helps them understand that anything is possible by transforming the sad songs of the past and the troublesome visions of the future. 

She speaks of EFT, meditation, yoga and how each of us
 can best rearrange the details of our lives to make us a willing receptor for what we want. 
This book is wholly centered on the individual’s “life story” 
as the underlying catalyst of how their lives manifest.

By changing our internal narrative to suit our specific wants and needs, 
we’re given the chance to influence what comes next. 
By understanding what shapes our lives, 
Nadine shows readers how to get back into the driver’s seat. 
The time is now - this is how your story begins.
"Boldly transformative yet unbelievably practical, this unique book  sheds light on how what we believe, 
true or false, creates our lives for better or worse."  ~ A. Snyder
"It is easier in the beginning - when we try to awaken to the spiritual side we have inside us - to ignore it and see things as a coincidence and forget them as soon as we experienced them: freak stuff from nature. 

"To keep on living with them as a part of my daily reality took a lot of courage and getting over myself. I was so self-conscious about what others would think about me when I would say, 'Guess what? In my past life I had this same experience, and that is how I handled it. So now I want to handle it differently.' They would for sure laugh at me and call me crazy, a lunatic with lots of imagination and fantasy stuff happening in her head."


"What a wonderfully inspiring story. Well written and a great read."
  ~Dr. Helene Uhlfelder.
Inspiring and spiritual book !!
By Nathalie S
Very inspiring book!!! I am not a very spiritual person but this book taught me that I can integrate spiritual elements in my daily live and thinking. I find elements that are similar to my own life and it is interesting to see them through the authors eyes ,making me realize that I can make some changes. You can learn from the bad things happening to You and eventually good things will follow. So get back on the horse and try again. The book taught me that even if you move to an other country because You think it will be all different or better there it s not . Because live ,dating , work,.. will not be different even if you move miles and miles away until you change or question yourself. Thank You Nadine for freeing your creative side and sharing your experience with us.

​Like Listening to a Gentle Song
By Alex Mitchell
Nadine’s book was engaging in it's simplicity and honesty. Although it could have done with some proofreading, the story pulled me in. Nadine’s accent came through in her writing, which I found mesmerising, like listening to a gentle song. Her raw honestly in describing her life; the mistakes, the fumbles and the triumphs, was so refreshing. Here is a real woman, like us, not a personal development guru but someone who has made the mistakes modern woman do, and spent the time working out what it all meant.

It is inspiring! 
By Mary Olea Lesher, Bestselling author of Return to the Soul of Your Child
What intrigues me about Nadine’s story is that it leads her to the discovery of “the power of the mind is enormous”. Her personal journey also leads her to find that ‘everything is change”. Her journey takes her to a personal point of power and her personal empowerment to change her life. I am especially inspired by the way that she views things that occur in life as “opportunities to grow”. I think that Nadine’s story will open the door to reader’s minds and allow them to find new ways to view their own life experiences. I enjoyed reading this book of personal journey and growth.